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Hair Removal

Body Waxing

Full Leg   £40
1/2 Leg   £30
Bikini (Basic)   £20
Bikini (High)   £25
Brazilian   £40
Hollywood   £40
Underarm   £15
Full Arm   £30
1/2 Arm   £25

Face Wax & Threading

Lip   £8

Chin   £8
Lip & Chin   £15
Eyebrows   £15
Sideburn   £15

Mens Waxing

Chest   £40

Half Chest £30

Back   £30
Half  Back Wax   £25
Shoulders   £25
Underarm  £20
Full Leg £40
Full Arm £30

The basic bikini wax only removes the hair that is visible outside your normal underwear, a high bikini wax goes a little further across. 

In contrast, Brazilian bikini waxing removes hair from the front, back and everywhere in between, leaving only a thin strip. A Hollywood wax removes all the hair - perfect for the beach. 

The results from a Brazilian or Hollywood wax may last between three to six weeks depending on your hair regrowth rate.